Hello- Introduction to me- Mental Health

I have depression and anxiety. Mental health illnesses affect up to 1 in 4 people living in the UK.

Im not here to tell you a sob story of my life with depression but I am a strong believer that mental illness is something that definitely needs to be talked about a lot more.

This blog is my way of talking about it and showing people that it is completly okay to talk about.

Today has been one of the worst days for me in a long time. Depression is very good at taking every inch of engery out of your body when you need it most. My anger, about absolutly nothing, has been slowly rising all day, and with the lack of motivation to do literally anything and the extreme tiredness I have felt all day it was bound to end in me breaking down as soon as I arrived home and crying to myself until my pillow was too wet to cry into anymore.

And this is where i am now. I decided a more useful way to spend my time while i lie in bed is to help people who might be going through something similar and also to take my mind away from my own thoughts, even for a few minutes.

Some days are so tough that even getting out of bed and getting dressed can be something to be so proud of. Dont put yourself down for one bad day, or 10 bad days! If youre trying, whether its getting out of bed to finally have a shower or getting yourself out the house for a day, its all amazing and you should be proud of yourself for it. So remember the next time youre having a horrible day where you want to just lay in your bed and cry


But dont worry if it doesnt work out today.

It’s okay to feel down.

Cry it all out if you need to, never feel ashamed for the way you’re feeling.

Do something positive to give your mind a break for a little while.

Create a blog! 😉

Night night xx